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Thailand goes viral with Chiang Rai campaign

The Tourism Authority of Thailand's mandate is to promote Thailand's tourism industry. One of their key objective for 2018 is to increase influence across the millennial and female NZ markets and drive a strong social media strategy across the region. Key to the organisations goals is lifting the brand awareness, desired destination and positioning Thailand as the preferred travel destination of choice.


One of the goals set by the global headquarters of the Tourism Authority of Thailand was to better showcase the region of Chiang Rai; a lesser known tourist destination than the popular Bangkok or Phuket. Due to the success the first influencer campaign, our team decided to continue with this strategy and select a suitable social media influencer who would be able to excellently communicate the beauty and richness of Chiang Rai, its culture and promote it as an excellent travel location.


We were engaged to create an influencer strategy that really spoke to the New Zealand market. Choosing influencers is a considered task based on the specific target personas as well as what will resonate in the market. Taking a look at New Zealand and the key goals for the Tourism Authority of Thailand. We wanted to create amazing online content that showcases the best in travel and luxury from around the world 'telling stories that travel'. Additionally, we wanted to drive follower engagement and needed to raise awareness for this up and coming destination. Filming took place in Bangkok and Chiang Rai and capturing fantastic footage that was made into amazing Facebook and Instagram content which was them used in campaigns to Tourism Authority of Thailand’s ‘Hug Thailand’ social media platforms as well, with impressive results.


Campaign resulted in:




  • 2 mil people reached

  • 670k engagements

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