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Brand Awareness with the Bay of Islands Heath Retreat

Updated: March 07, 2019

The Bay of Islands Heath Retreat is a luxury boutique retreat destination in the stunning Bay of Islands. One of their key objectives for 2019 was to revamp the digital journey for customers through their online assets and to increase awareness and bookings of their health and wellness retreats along with accommodation bookings. They also wanted to implement a CRM and marketing technology platform to modernise the bookings process and create a customer database.


The Bay of Islands Health Retreat wanted to develop their key target markets to bring better brand awareness of their luxury destination the surrounding area of Bay of Islands as well as promote luxury tourism. To date they had not implemented a digital platform and they wanted to better utilise and target their digital assets and to create a strategic tourism marketing plan. Knowing who to target and how to segment the market was the first challenge, along with identifying and implementing the right CRM platform to support their tourism marketing efforts. Our marketing and social media audit revealed lots of opportunity for focusing campaigns on luxury destination marketing as well as creating valuable advertising targeting funnels to their core market.


A full digital asset set up was established across social media and the website. Implementing advertising pixels, funnels and retargeting pixels across the digital assets as well as implementing HubSpot CRM and marketing tools. We also built out a 3-month traffic and database acquisition campaign to well-designed acquisition strategy to grow their brand awareness. Targeted marketing personas were developed and optimized for better advertising performance. Customer acquisition campaigns have resulted in growing a database, reaching over 195k people in the duration of their three-month social media campaigns directly to their target audiences.

We created new audiences in Facebook and Instagram, optimizing for their targeted personas and ran advertising awareness campaigns to grow the database. We've also created email templates for the in-house team to deliver eDM campaigns. This activation generated a high level of engagement and clear engagement metrics post the content review. Following these initiatives, the website experienced increased traffic and their social channels have experienced a phenomenal increase in both engagement and reach.


In just three months, brand awareness of the Bay of Islands Health Retreat reached over 195k New Zealanders within the three-month campaign and their social media followers increased by 106% more than double the original followers.

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