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Cream poised for customer acquisition

Cream trading platforms are a global B2B technology solution trading large quantities of cheese, butter, whey powder, cream, milk powders and much more. Their platform delivers powerful results for their customers while also being intuitive to use. Standing at the forefront of innovation, in 2017 they were highly commended by the NZ innovation Council for the Cream technology platform.


Whilst being an incredibly successful start-up, Cream had not yet developed a marketing strategy or had the right platform set-up to drive new customer acquisition. They wanted to develop a full B2B customer plan and the marketing technology to support global growth and entry into new markets. There were pain points not yet identified within the customer journey and a branding refresh and some new marketing assets were also required.


Firstly, we began by researching and understanding the key target personas and their current experience. Mapping out the existing customer journey across the sales process, and the on-boarding experience, to discover any customer pain points. Then, using design thinking, we worked with the sales and marketing teams to develop what the ideal customer experience and on-boarding process would look like. This surfaced the need for a technology solution that would drive engagement and report back on usage. We also audited their digital solutions and worked with the wider team to source and select a marketing automation, CRM and sales platform.

Forming a cross functional team internal and externally, we led the implementation and set up of the marketing system and launched their first campaign within 90 days. Working in quarterly sprints we rapidly changed and set-up the functions needed. At the same time we ran multiple stakeholder sessions with key personnel on the brand architecture and the Cream story; developing a new profile and customer focused story for Cream focused on their people. This led to the creation of several treatments including a new video hero.


Following our audit of the customer journey we were able to design new experiences. We successfully Implemented the new marketing technology platform in 90 days and re-branded and launched the marketing assets.


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