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Influenced Through The Heart Of Content

At Disruptive we regularly see requests for influencers and we always recommend looking for those that suit your target market and have the audience to prove it. More and more we are seeing huge increases in requests for "micro-influencer strategy" whilst there has been some negative press recently, Influencer Marketing continues to grow both globally and locally, driving brand awareness and advocacy, as well as reaching new audiences. It is one of the marketing channels that did not experience a significant decline in activity even in COVID-19 shutdown period when marketing spend in many channels experienced sharp reductions. But to understand influencer marketing you must reshape your thinking to "targeted content creators speaking to a captive audience" in another sense, they are mini publishers with their own distribution channels.

The industry recognises that for this channel to mature into a position of greater trust and continued growth, transparency is pivotal. The World Federation of Advertisers states that:

“Spend will rise where influencers meet critical standards on transparency, credibility and quality of followers”.

To support this The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AIMCO) has released the industry’s first set of working practices to support brands, agencies and creators. We have worked with tons of brands to help them in finding the right influencers and can easily help you put together integrated campaigns with proven ROI - the right content to the right people is key but promoting and delivering that content in the right guidelines is more important that ever!

Are you looking for a new direction and want this for your business? Get in touch with us to learn more about The Disruptive Way, you may even qualify for a funded process. Remember, if you are not talking to your customers, your competition is. What is your plan for revamping your business?

Disruptive Unicorns is an award winning Chartered Marketing Firm using Design Thinking for developing transparent ROAS campaigns. If you would like to talk to us about how you can develop the right campaigns for conversions you can book a consultation with us! Or reach out at anytime to


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