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Turn Lookers Into Bookers

Ever wondered how your customer makes a decision to purchase?

We call that the customer journey pathway or as we like to say at Disruptive how do we "turn lookers into bookers" mapping out the customer journey across travel can be highly complex. One study we gained access to suggested that 1 in 5 travellers don't know where they want to go when they start searching for a vacation and a customers travel journey can have anywhere between 70 - 800 touch points over a 1-7 month period. This tells us that travel purchasing is a complex process that requires an "always on" content approach.

We simplify that into 5 key stages:


At this part of the journey your target market is looking to be inspired and wowed into the destination. The highest preforming tactics in this space are video, advertising, social media and influencers.


Your customer has settled on a destination or areas and begins to search for dates, rates and mates! We find this stage to be the place where the decisions can be influenced by others in the process - never underestimate the impact of the surrounding family or friends who can also persuade a decision.


In today’s tech-driven world, consumers stick with brands that offer convenient purchasing processes. To win loyalty, provide a simple booking experience and make all steps of the travel journey friction-free. According to Facebook IQ "61% of surveyed 18–34-year-old Australian travellers say they are more likely to stay loyal to a travel brand that has an easy to use website or mobile app"


Being there is everything and that experience needs to match what was promised. Loyalty rewards are still important for many consumers, but quality of service is travellers’ top criteria for staying loyal to brands. Create an exceptional customer service experience across your offerings to draw travellers back.


Content marketing is important to the travel industry as it offers companies an affordable way to maximise their online visibility. It works to establish brand reputation and awareness and to increase organic search traffic. And User Generated Content or UGC is the best of them all - people buy people and the experiences they share are key to your next sale.

What do you do across all five stages?

Remember if you are not talking to your target market, someone else is!

Talk to us about your tailored customer advertising success plan...

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