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Building A New Growth Marketing Plan

We love to help our customers to think about new markets and opportunities. Putting robust recovery timelines around the growth market is key to success. As a Chartered Marketing Firm, we have developed a blueprint process we call "The Disruptive Way" to help our customers to discover their target markets, audit their marketing set-up against their goals and find the right solutions to meet them.

Applying "The Disruptive Way" means that before implementing any kind of strategy plan, our team undertake a DISCOVERY workshop session with your team and a full systems audit to identify gaps. Our key outcomes include an understanding of the key personas and the value that their brand brings, pairing this information with goals and undertaking a competitor analysis, a full systems audit and a strategy which includes an on-boarding process to rectify issues. One way of analysing the market is look at when the market will recover - another way is to fish where the fish are.

A better indicator depends on when your customers start spending money. There are four simple principles in economics that might help:

  1. Demand Destroyed

  2. Demand Deferred

  3. Demand Unchanged

  4. Demand Created

Could looking at your customers and their demands with this view help you to predict your recovery timeline? Could thinking this way give you some direction on where to focus next?

We created a 30 -90 day toolkit to help with planning to survive or thrive in the coming quarter. You are welcome to jump on a call and work through ideas with our Account Management team.

Are you looking for a new direction and want this for your business? Get in touch with us to learn more about The Disruptive Way, you may even qualify for a funded process. Remember, if you are not talking to your customers, your competition is. What is your plan for revamping your business?

Disruptive Unicorns is an award winning Chartered Marketing Firm using Design Thinking for developing transparent ROAS campaigns. If you would like to talk to us about how you can develop the right campaigns for conversions you can book a consultation with us! Or reach out at anytime to


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